Veggie Fried Rice

This past week I’ve been spending time with my very cool teenage cousin while her parents are out of town. She has been vegetarian since she was very, very young. As a kid she learned what meat was and then couldn’t bear to eat it once she knew where it came from. She didn’t even know what the word “vegetarian” meant at that time, and is only really starting to feel comfortable describing herself as such since she now knows others who have meat-free diets! 16 year-olds are often hesitant about standing out in a crowd of their peers, but she told me that she’s still worried about what to eat and has no idea what to incorporate into her diet as a picky eater as well. How do you get protein when you don’t really cook but want simple, fast meals?

She also wanted to know how to deal with situations such as meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time and being offered a steak for supper, and that was a longer conversation!

So, once I got here, we tried cooking some things. Simple recipes that she’d make on her own, such as the veggie chilli (we made it into chilli cheese fries and she loved it!), and this one also made the cut! This was kind of a high school and university staple when you wanted a colourful side dish or if you wanted to make simple rice a more substantial meal. This is supper simple, but maybe something you haven’t thought about in a while. You can even dice veggies quite small if certain people don’t like something but want to get more vegetables into their diets! (hint hint!) The eggs are optional, but if you eat them they do offer more protein, but you can incorporate seeds and nuts in here instead for a vegan version (I’ll usually add both the eggs and some nuts/seeds).

This is great leftover, but you may just need to add a little water to the rice when heating it back up if it becomes hard in the fridge. It’s prefect for a potluck, BBQ, or a quick lunch while you’re at summer school. 😉

Veggie Fried Rice

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