Featured in the Downhome + Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

Happy Summer, friends! The Downhome Magazine¬†asked me to write an article about eating vegetarian/vegan around the Bay! I was very excited and honoured, and shared with them the Bay Vegetarian’s veggie chilli recipe! You can check it out in their July issue! Many thanks to the Downhome, which is a favourite magazine of so many Newfoundlanders and will surely help share our tasty recipes!
In thanks, I am sharing one of my favourite casseroles ever. It’s 100% NOT vegan (my apologies) and is crazy addictive. It’s easy to make, freezes well, is good leftover. Cheesey, oozy-gooey, full of carbs and realistically not the healthiest dish around but who cares! Serve it with a salad and homemade rolls, as a side with a BBQ, or become a fan favourite by bringing it to the next potluck.
I’m talking Hashbrown Casserole! Try not to eat the entire pan yourself!

Hashbrown Casserole

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