Ginger Balsamic Marinated Portobello Pasta

Hello everyone! Happy long weekend!

marniated mushroom pasta collage

Okay, it’s been far too long! Things have been super busy, so I took some time to slow down and make this dish for you. You need to marinate the mushrooms, which means you can do this in the morning or even night before if you’d like and get on with your day, or you can get everything ready, and take your time making a nice, slow meal and really enjoy cooking. This dish is great hot or cold, and the mushrooms have a “meaty” texture- portobellos are a great choice for vegan/vegetarians who want a healthy meat-alternative. They are also really great at sucking up whatever flavours you work them with. If you have never roasted peppers, you’ll be surprised at how much the flavours change- they become very sweet and add a nice touch of smokey flavour and are easy to make!

Let’s get to it!

Ginger Balsamic Marinated Portobello Pasta

pasta cheese

– Wash one large portobello mushroom, slice it in half and then starting from one end and working your way across, slice it into thin slivers (just under 1/4″ thick- you can do thinner but they will cook and possibly burn quicker).
*If you don’t have/can’t find portobellos, replace it with button mushrooms, or if you have a friend who forges for wild mushrooms you may experiment with that. Note- never pick wild mushrooms and eat them unless you know for certain what they are/if they are safe! Newfoundland has tons of delicious wild mushrooms however! Nice excuse to go for a hike!

– In a medium-sized bowl, mix the following:
2tsp dry ginger (or fresh)
2tsp garlic powder (or fresh)
2tbsp olive oil
2tbsp balsamic vinegar
4tbsp water

– Throw in your mushrooms and toss thoroughly with the marinade, being gentle enough so that you don’t break up your mushroom pieces. Set aside and stir every five minutes or so for the next 40 minutes or longer if you can (you can cover and keep in the fridge if marinating for long periods)

marinade with portobellos, uncooked

marinade with portobellos, uncooked

– Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Wash two large bell peppers (I chose yellow and red), and once the oven is heated place them on a baking stone, directly on the rack or cookie sheet
*You may want to cover a sheet in foil or put a drip pan under the peppers if directly on the rack in case they bust open- it can get a bit messy if so!

– Roast your peppers for 15 minutes, then flip. Bake for another 15 minutes, keeping your eye on them as oven heats vary. Your peppers will become blackened and the skin bubbled. This is a good thing!

Roasted peppers, cooled and ready to peel

Roasted peppers, cooled and ready to peel

– When peppers are done, take out and place in a closed brown paper bag if you can so that they can sweat as they cool and the skins will be easier to remove. Set aside to cool.

– As your peppers are cooling, cook your pasta as per the instructions that come with it. You may choose whatever pasta you like. I used whole wheat spaghettini (a thinner spaghetti noodle) and made enough pasta for two people. You may judge accordingly and you can also up the amount of toppings to accommodate for more guests!

For this dish, don't crack your pasta in half. Boil water and add the pasta, gently helping the pasta into the hot water as it softens.

For this dish, don’t crack your pasta in half. Boil water and add the pasta, gently helping the pasta into the hot water as it softens.

– As the pasta is cooking, heat  a little bit of oil in a large frying pan over medium/high heat. Once it’s hot, add 1tsp red chilli pepper flakes and mix with the oil (to give the pasta a bit of a kick! Use half as much if you’re not a spicy fan). Add all of your mushrooms and the marinade, having the mushrooms ideally laying flat and not on top of one another in the pan. Optional: take a clean lime, cut it in half and squeeze the juice over the mushrooms. Feel free to throw the lime in the pan to cook with the mushrooms to add more flavour and use as garnish or discard after they are cooked.

– Let the pan remain hot, and bring the marinate to a low bubble. Sear mushrooms, tossing when needed for 3-4 minutes until slightly brown. Once done, remove from heat.
*This time will vary depending on your stove! You want to keep the pan hot and brown up your mushrooms, but they can burn quickly! Keep your pan lower and stay with them the entire time to make sure they don’t burn! You want to have tasty mushrooms but also have some of the marinade left in the pan to coat your pasta.

Cooking mushrooms

Cooking mushrooms

– Take your cooled peppers and peel off the skin, which should come off easily. Cut the peppers in half and cut or rip out the seeds and stems and discard. Slice peppers into small pieces and add to your hot mushrooms and  mix.
*Your peppers may have some water in them when you cut them open, and that’s okay! You can pat with a clean towel or paper towel if desired.

– Take your drained, cooked hot pasta and throw it in a large mixing bowl. Add your mushroom/pepper mixture and all of the marinade sauce. Toss well to coat and mix through.
*I used tongs to toss it so that I didn’t break up my noodles, and it’s easier to serve.

Vegan Pasta garnished with lime

Vegan Pasta garnished with lime

– Serve immediately with an optional garnish of lime pieces. If you eat cheese, some crumbled goats cheese works really well on this pasta. A side of garlic bread or serve with a salad completes the meal if having guests, but I like it in a bowl as it is. If you want more veggies/mushrooms to pasta ratio, feel free to play with how much you make. This savoury pasta dish is also really great as a cold salad and is great as leftovers. Hope you enjoy!

close up eating pasta



8 thoughts on “Ginger Balsamic Marinated Portobello Pasta

  1. my wife Donna and I have been vegan for the last 21 years. In about five or six weeks we should arrive at St Johns with our two cats in our motorhome.we’re very much looking forward to Newfoundland but we have some concerns about the availability of fresh produce. we will very much like any assistance from anyone to that end.

    • Welcome! I certainly hope this site helps, and you’re so lucky to be visiting Newfoundland! People are welcoming and the food delicious! If you have any questions or want some advice, please let me know!
      Safe travels!

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