Kale Chippies!

Hi everyone! It’s FRIDAY! Although I’m working on a film shoot early in the AM, that doesn’t mean that Friday still doesn’t = the need for snacks. Ahhh yeeeeah!

Okay, so here’s a snack that I’m kinda obsessed with as it’s pretty damn easy, healthy, and still satisfies those potato chip cravings and lets you sneak more leafy greens into your diet. It’s what all the cool kids are talking about (um, well, maybe they are)- Kale Chips! I have no shame- after I first discovered kale chips (the talented Cherie Pyne baked us some with supper last year), I wanted them every day. No joke. I even came home late at night on a scattered Saturday night craving those crispy buggers. Okay, maybe that is kinda lame, but I don’t care! Kale chips are wicked.

Baked Kale Chips

Baked Kale Chips- sorry for the shadows

Kale is grown all over the province, and can be found in a lot of grocery stores or farm stands. It’s deep green-coluored leaves are great for your health and contains lots of beta carotene, calcium, vitamin c, vitamin K, antioxidants, no fat, lots of fibre, and I once read somewhere that it has more iron per calorie then beef! Well then! So, here’s how to make this really quick and versatile snack or meal side, and unlike many recipes for kale chips, you don’t need a fancy dehydrator, just a regular ol’ oven.

Deadly Kale Chips Recipe

raw kale

raw kale

Get a bunch of kale, and give it a good wash in cold water. Tear off any yellowing leaves or pick them out all together. Pat to dry.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and get out a cutting board.

You want to slice off the thick stems or even snap them off, as they’re really tough. You can also try “shucking” the kale by holding it by the stem, leafy side toward your board, and with your free hand grasp the stem and pull downward, sliding the leaves from the stalk as you go- kinda tricky but whatever you like doing. You can also flip the piece over and with a small sharp knife slice down the back spine of your leaf to thin out the stalk. Tell me what you like to do best!
*I kinda like a little bit of stem on mine, but people vary. 

Once the kale is prepped (I swear it’s not as tricky as I may have described it!), drizzle a little teeny bit of olive oil over it, and toss the leaves with the oil to make sure they’re all lightly covered.
*1tsp should be enough- add more if you want them a bit oilier but know that they’ll get soggy and not crisp properly if they’re soaked in oil. I usually do this on my cutting board, and use my hands to quickly scrub a little bit of oil all over them.

Lay the leaves flat on your baking sheet, being sure that they do not overlap (this is the crispy trick!). Season with a bit of s&p, or kick it up with some cayenne pepper or whatever else you’re feelin!
*You can also season after they’re cooked, so let your mind wander to tasty chippie flavours while they bake! A friend of mine loves making “salt + vinegar” kale.

Stick ’em in the oven and put the timer on for 10minutes (varies by oven, as always keep an eye on them). When it buzzes, take your kale out- you should notice them starting to crisp but still soft in areas, and they are an even richer green colour. Flip them, again making sure that they don’t overlap, and put them back in the oven for another 5minutes.
* If serving as a side dish to a meal, I like them softer with just a bit of crunch, so I’ll take them out after 10minutes and probably season them with a splash of lemon juice or leave them as they are. Another note- if having as a  side I like to keep them in larger pieces, but as chips I will usually tear larger leaves up into pieces a couple inches long or so. 

As you cook this dish for the first or twentieth time, I encourage you to TASTE ‘EM! Try them as they cook and see what you like the most. The first few times I made these I had them half gone before the final buzzer went off (I still have this happen sometimes). If you want them soft, take them out, super crunch, try that too. Just be aware that if you leave them in too long and burn them, they don’t really taste like much and will totally crumble in your hands.

When you’re satisfied with your kale chippies, feel free to add a bit of extra seasoning or just serve them up as they are! Happy Weekend!


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